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Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales in Wilbraham, Massachusetts

At Ken's Automotive Repair, we understand getting your car fixed is usually a hassle, and we strive to make the experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. We specialize in comprehensive auto maintenance in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, and offer excellent deals on tire sales and repairs.
Oil Changes
Get an oil change, with filter, and a complete inspection included in the price. While changing the oil, we top off your fluids, set all the tire pressures, and check the major safety components, including the belts and front-end suspension. Before we finish, we lubricate all chassis components.
Scheduled Maintenance Service
We offer complete maintenance services that are recommended for your vehicle by the manufacturer. Performing maintenance at ALL service intervals. Some of the services our maintenance entails include:
• Complete Tune-ups
• Inspect Fuel Filter (Replace if Necessary)
• Inspect Air Filter (Replace if Necessary)
• Brake Inspections
• Engine Coolant Flush
• Inspect Wiper Blades (Replace if Necessary)
Performing Mercedes A,B,C,& D Services.
Complete BMW Maintenance Services
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Brake Inspections and Services
Our company is proud of the fact that we can custom fabricate brake lines. We use high-quality CARQUEST® and Wagner brake components, inspect and replace any part of your brakes, including pads, rotors, and calipers.
Efficient Exhaust Services
Ken's Automotive Repair services the exhaust system of both foreign and domestic cars. You receive complete replacements for your system, including exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters. We also do custom welding repairs.
Tire Sales and Repairs
Stay safe and keep your tires in good condition. We provide tire installations and repairs, including mounting and balancing along with free old tire disposal. If you purchase 2 or more tires from us, you receive Free Road Hazard Warranty, on most most tires, including FREE tire rotations and flat repairs for the life of those tires.
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Some of the major brands of tires we carry include:
• Bridgestone®
• Toyo®
• Yokohama®
• Mastercraft®
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